The Lament Singers

Published August 19, 2014 by rlmcdermott

In a desert
of mecury
nations of
unkept women
rest like squat
beetles on
all fours–
listening with
ears buttoned
to the ground.

They can
hear voices
echoing in
their heads,
of immolation,
hearts buring
in the afternoon,
birds soaring
in the sky.

There is no
comfort in
the keening
breeze, what
was blue
has turned
to red, falling
bombs have
gleaned their
husband’s bones
and left their
children dead.The Lament Singer

The Violinist

Published August 19, 2014 by rlmcdermott

you pick me up
and put me down
and strike a bow
across my strings–
there is no sound

there is no sound
where sound should
be–the music’s fled

the air outside
has grown too
hot the bombs
have left too
many dead–

black notes across
a littered street
what cannot sing
will never weepThe Violinist

Flight 17

Published July 23, 2014 by rlmcdermott

In a month
we will not

an open guidebook,
a child’s drawing,
a map of Bali–

dreams scattered
in an open field.

The sun will
rise and set,
moonlight will
be moonlight–
indifferent to
the mean ambitions
of men with guns.

Only the
earth will
what we
to forget–
red poppies
falling from
the sky.Red Poppies Falling From The Sky


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